About Us

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We Love Putting Our Reputation on Your Lawn!

We are a small local company from the Breinigsville. Starts as a sideline business in 2018 it grew to our full time career in 2021.

We love putting our reputation on your lawn! Our greatest compliment we can receive is a neighbor telling us you gave them our number.

Owned by local author Sonya Galvin and operated by her husband Keith Galvin we strive to bring top quality service and fair pricing to our customers. We try to give back to customers! When able, we like to provide additional service at no charge as a thank you for continued support.

When we started our family we were struggling to find dependable income enough to support a growing family. Keith has always loved to work outside. Sonya with people and so we decided to do something we could put our love and passion into every day with a career that we love and reflects our family and brings that happy vibe people get when you can go out in your yard and just relax.

Each service we commit to making sure our clients receive the best service. Our parents taught us the value of quality and hard work, with our son Elijah turning 4 this year our goal is to do the same with him.